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Newsletter Winter 2015.

Posted by fourswansvision on July 12, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Winter 2015.

Hi folks! Wow what a busy summer we've had. We have been to the Guide Dogs breeding centre in Warwickshire, the puppies were so cute! We have been making more unique masterpieces at our Creative Workshops, it's amazing what you can do at our specially adapted sessions - wind chimes, pots, tactile Christmas tree decorations.

Also we saw/heard two shows at the Spotlight Broxbourne - Chicago Blues and the 25th anniversary show of That'll Be The Day in which we were boogying in the isles!

Guide Dogs training centre in Woodford was very interesting, we saw/heard all about their training and got the chance to smooch some of the pooches.

Some members were planning to do some dog napping (wink) – so some joker on the way back in the minibus, played their barking sound on the iPad, ha ha ha!


We have been fundraising at various events with our teddy tombola.

FSV Visually Impaired Peoples’ Tennis is great and we have been going for three and a half years with our dedicated coaches Gerry and Karl. FSV Visually Impaired Peoples’ Golf is on par.

Activities coming up are our last two Creative Workshops, a show – The Elvis Years at the Spotlight Broxbourne some fundraising and our Christmas meal/show at Woodgreen.

Next year we are going to be Guinea pigs for Cheshunt Fire station – to help them practise taking care of visually impaired people who have been trapped in a car and we have various other trips and activities planned, please contact us for further details.


Picture of some of our creations from FSV Creative Workshops.


Wishing ye a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, Alan, Lisa, and the FSV Team.


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